And the Oscar goes to…

And the Oscar goes to…

We are only a few hours away from this year’s Oscar Ceremony. The big night is approaching, when all spotlights will turn to Hollywood for the most important moment of the year for cinema. The fans have already watched all nominated films and are eagerly waiting for the glamorous night to find out who will be the ones to win the golden statues.

In this festive atmosphere, we decided to give our own awards to the products of APIVITA that are mostly loved throughout the world! For sure, they are all winners, since they have already won a place in the top 10. But at the end, there will be only one winner to win our precious little statue! Which one do you think it is?

Let the countdown begin!

#10 Organic spray for the throat with propolis: the big hero of cold and flu, since from the first 2 sprays you can feel the difference! It fights the symptoms of the common cold with the miraculous propolis and soothes the sore throat and the cough with honey and atlhea, while at the same time easing the breathing system with eucalyptus and clary sage.

#9 New Wine Elixir wrinkle and firmness Lift cream with rich texture with Santorini vine polyphenols: or, how can the vines of Santorini conquer the world? It was reintroduced to us in 2018 with a new face and content, and stole everyone’s heart with its warm red color, but above all with its miraculous formula, which is based on the science of Epigenetics. With rich texture, suitable for dry skin, it reactivates skin youth in the most effective way, thanks to polyphenols- the powerful antiaging molecules from Santorini vine leaves.

#8 Queen Bee Holistic Age Defense Serum with royal jelly: with an advanced formula of cutting- edge technology, it has conquered an unshaken place in the holistic antiageing treatment, thanks to the miraculous action of Greek royal jelly for instant lifting, reduction of wrinkles and firming. In any case, how could the Queen of APIVITA miss such glamorous award ceremony?

#7 Intimate Daily: Women of the world, unite! Every single woman in the world has this same concern: to keep the intimate area in good health. And they all seek to find the best product for their daily treatment, giving to Intimate Daily rightly a position in the top 10, as it offers gentle cleansing and prevention from pathogenic microorganisms.

#6 New Wine Elixir wrinkle and firmness Lift cream with light texture with Santorini vine polyphenols: one more product from the new Wine Elixir line proves fairly the love that the new line has won in only a few months. The beloved silky day cream with the velvet light texture is ideal for oily skin, and with the science of Epigenetics, it reactivates skin youth in the most effective way, thanks to Santorini vine polyphenols. Undoubtedly, the best seller of the line.

#5 Express Beauty Firming and Revitalizing Face Mask with Royal Jelly: Express Beauty face masks have alsways been loved more than any other product line in the whole world. The mask with royal jelly, “the elixir of like”, offers the most indulging luxury on your skin in only 10 minutes, offering a wide variety of beneficial effects.

#4 Holistic Haircare Tonic Shampoo: for men or women, it is one of the most emblematic products of APIVITA in its 40 years, with its effectiveness beign the one that puts it so high in the ranking of the most beloved products. Thanks to Hippophae TC, it prolongs hair life span and enhances new hair growth. Man or woman, isn’t this the most convincing piece of evidence?

#3 Holistic Haircare Dry Dandruff Shampoo with celery & propolis: one of the first shampoos of APIVITA ever, and the one that granted her a top position in the pharmacy, at the same time holds a very high position in these APIVITA Oscars too! It treats dryness effectively and prevents its reappearance with celery, while at the same time soothing the scalp and removing dead cells with the antimicrobial propolis extract and with organic tea tree essential oil.

#2 Express Beauty Moisturizing and Soothing Face Mask with prickly pear: there is absolutely no skin who hasn’t adored this best seller mask, which stands proudly opposite any other beauty product. With the beautiful smell of the most beloved summer fruit, it brings us on a trip to the Mediterranean, while at the same working miracles on our skin by offering a rich sense of moisturizing, rejuvenation and soothing.

And now, which APIVITA product do you think is the absolute winner of all, the one that comes first, no matter which country of the world it travels to, and the one that is loved the most, regardless the age, sex or skin type ?

The envelope please!

And the Oscar goes to…

#1 Foam Cleanser Face & Eye with olive and lavender of course! Being constantly at the very top internationally, the Oscar for the favorite APIVITA product goes to this magnificent creamy foam, which cleanses face and eyes from dirt and make up without irritating or dehydrating the skin. A daily ritual, a daily need and a daily pleasure, it treats gently every skin type, setting a firm basis for healthy and beautiful skin.


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