APIVITA Waste Management

APIVITA Waste Management

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At APIVITA, our sustainable development approach is directly linked to our environmental goals and performance indicators. This includes the proper management of waste generated during the production of our products. Through systematic measurements, we record in a monthly basis both solid and liquid production waste, aiming each year to improve indicators such as those listed below:

  Indicator  2017  2018  2019  2017/2019
Liquid waste production (m3 sewage sludge) / Number of products lots
6,42 7,07 4,78 -25,55%
Weight in kilos of waste water / t produced product 6.057 6.209 4.530 -25,21%


APIVITA, through efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and promote responsible ecological awareness across all business functions, contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in particular Goal 12: “Responsible Consumption and Production” and Goal 13: “Climate Action“.

APIVITA, the first Greek company with the B Corporation certification, has been recognized – both in 2018 and 2019 – as one of the best companies in the world, in the environmental field, an acknowledgement that fills us with satisfaction and motivation for greater efforts on the road to sustainable development.

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