In 1972, the founders of APIVITA, Nikos and Niki Koutsiana, two young pharmacists, who were inspired by the honeybee society, the unique biodiversity of Greek nature and Hippocrates’ holistic approach to health, beauty and well-being. Together they created their first natural cosmetics, using beekeeping products and herb extracts.

In 1979, they created APIVITA. The name is derived from the Latin words Apis (bee) and Vita (life), and means “life of the bee” – a name reflecting the philosophy of a company that, being a living organism like the bee, never stops creating value: Value for society, Value for the natural environment and Value for the economy.

Today, APIVITA is a company with a strong philosophy, values, social responsibility, heritage and an innovative outlook. It has evolved into a vast universe of people, products, aims, values, dreams and new endeavors, which ensure its ongoing development.

APIVITA has developed and established over 300 natural, effective and holistic products for the face, body and hair, formulated with beekeeping products of high nutritional value, extracts of Greek herbs and pure essential oils, as well as many green innovations and patents.

APIVITA is a way of life: a life shared with employees in Greece and abroad, suppliers, beekeepers and cultivators, university teachers and researchers, pharmacists and customers throughout the world.

The passion and vision of APIVITA are now embraced by consumers in 23 countries: Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, UK, Ireland, Malta, Honk Kong, Montenegro, Russia, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Tunisia, Switzerland and Morocco.

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2 floors inspired by Greek nature and the culture of bees, demonstrating a holistic approach to health and beauty.

Through its 36-year international journey, APIVITA presents the second pioneering store of THE APIVITA EXPERIENCE STORE CYPRUS in Nicosia and invites us all to indulge in a unique, personal experience that entices all the senses.

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