There is no parent who is unfamiliar with teething. Teething begins between about 3-10 months of age and continues until age three.

The first signs of teething are usually drooling, desire to chew on things, lack of appetite, red and swollen gums, difficulty sleeping and frequent waking, sudden crying, and sometimes diarrhea and more.

CHAMOKID is based on the chamomile plant which is known for its calming and pain relieving properties.



May be taken by dropper in a teaspoon up to 10 times in 24-hour period. In case of severe discomfort, repeat the dosage every 15 minutes until relief.
We recommend discarding 60 days after opening.


Recommended serving:
Infants 3 to 12 months of age: 6 drops
Children 12 months and older: 10 drops

Additional information

Weight 30 g