About Us


Drogopharma was founded in 1996 by the pharmacist Aristos Petrides. It is operates in importing health and beauty products, with main focus the import of natural products. Main channel of communicating our products with the our customers is the pharmacy. We believe that the pharmacist, as a scientist and an expert in health and beauty products, can understand and commThe name our company comes from the collapse of the Greek word Droges and the word pharmacy. Droges were called during antiquity the dried parts of plants which their processing were turned into cosmetic formulations and therapeutic drugs. Basically, they were the first natural pharmacy.
Our company has a large collection of high quality, scientifically effective and safe products. Our products primarily interest the customer, but also they interest those who are dealing with the health and beauty sector, like doctors, homeopaths, pharmacists, nutritionists. Drogopharma has a full network of marketing and distribution of its products throughout Cyprus.
We offer:
1. Dependable and innovative products that leave satisfied even the most demanding consumer.
2. Systematic service outlets with frequent visits from our sellers to our cooperator.
3. Maybe the best commercial policy on credit and deals.
4. Continuous product training seminars to our cooperators
5. Systematic promotion of all of our brands in all the media and to the doctors.

In Drogopharma we believe that a partnership can succeed only if both parties want it and that is what we are continuously looking for!


Drogopharma health and beauty company has received all the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Health (
http://www.moh.gov.cy/moh/moh.nsf/index_gr/index_gr?OpenDocument)to promote its products in the market of  Cyprus.