Men’s Skin needs its own special treatment!

Men’s Skin needs its own special treatment!

There are a lot who believe that beauty and skincare are a female job, because women have always been the ones who were trying to find ways to become more beautiful and attractive.  And this referred to all stages of their appearance, so much for clothes and accessories, as for cosmetic skin treatment, for which even before antiquity, there are numerous examples.

But the truth is that men have also had the same need for treatment, starting in Ancient Greece, where a handsome appearance and a toned body were directly connected to a cultured spirit and a beautiful soul.

Besides, aren’t we all in a better mood when we feel our skin and hair healthy and beautiful?

If you want to discover how much they also have real need for treatment, make a small test, and ask 5 men who are close to you:

-How does their skin feel after a tough and stressful day?

-How do they feel their hands after many hours of work?

-How is their mood when they see their hair become thinner?

-How are their lips during the cold winter days?

You will find out only one thing.  That every single one of them has the same need for treatment, but a lot of them may not even realize it, either because for them it is not a priority, or because they have not learned how to treat themselves, or even because they still have not discovered the ideal products for them, that they will love for their feel and effectiveness.

This year’s International Men’s Day can be the occasion to make them a very different gift, which, big kids that they are, will give them great joy: help them discover unique products and ways that will offer them the most suitable face and body treatment, and that they will also rejuvenate them, uplift their mood and fill them with energy and optimism! One thing is certain: that they will be grateful forever!

With love and respect to contemporary men and to the special physiology of their skin and hair, but also to their demanding lifestyle, APIVITA proposes several ideas for unique products that you can discover together!

The APIVITA MEN’S CARE line with 6 unique products for the treatment of the male skin, bases its effectiveness on the combination of natural extracts, essential oils and natural ingredients, and proves it with clinical and laboratory studies. The products do not contain alcohol, an ingredient that is present in most men’s face treatment products, because it causes irritations and dries the skin.  Moreover, they have light, non-greasy texture and offer anticeptic action, thanks to propolis and essential oils.  With rich compositions of up to 99% natural ingredients, they do not contain parabens, silicone, alcohol, propyleneglycol and mineral oil.

The line includes the following products that will really excite all men for their effectiveness, their textures and their lovely fragrance:

Gentle Shaving Cream with hypericum and propolis– 99% natural ingredients

After Shave Balm with hypericum and propolis – 97% natural ingredients

Moisturizing Cream- Gel with Cedar & Propolis – 92% natural ingredients

Antiwrinkle antifatigue Face & Eye Cream with cardamom & propolis – 96% natural ingredients

Eau de Toilette with cedar and cardamom – 90% natural ingredients

Men’s Hair & Body Wash with cardamom and propolis– 88% natural ingredients

However, except from the skin, hair is also a very important element of the men’s appearance, and the men of our lives deserve to discover the products that will offer them the most beautiful and healthy hair!

For the treatment of hair, and more specifically of thinning hair, APIVITA proposes the men’s hairloss treatment, which strengthens hair, increases their density and strength and restores their health, enhancing their healthy growth.

The men’s hair loss tonic shampoo with Hippophae Tonic Complex and Rosemary and 89% natural ingredients, increases the lifecycle of hair and enhances the production of new ones, because it offers gentle cleansing with utter respect to the physiology of the flora of the scalp, while at the same time strengthening and rejuvenating the root of the hair.

Moreover, the Holistic Hair Care Hairloss Lotion with Hippophae Tonic Complex & Lupin and 85% natural composition prevents and delays hairloss, offers denser hair, regulates oiliness and protects hair breakage without being greasy.

For a more intense action, the Hair Loss Night Serum with Hippophae Tonic Complex and 98% natural ingredients for men & women is a bi-facil serum for intensive night treatment, which prevents and reduces hairloss, offers dense, strong & durable hair, offers unique moisturization and glow and rejuvenates hair and mood.

Finally, one must not forget that our lips are being exposed in a daily basis to several external attacks, such as the UV radiation, the wind and the heat. For their protection and moisturizing all year long, our favorite APIVITA lip care products are here to offer protection and moisturization with one of the following products:

Lip Care with Propolis- 99% natural ingredients, the absolute favorite of most men, because it offers intense moisturization and restores the dry and chapped lips.

Eco Bio Lip Care with Honey- 100% natural ingredients, which prevents the dehydration and restores dry lips.

Lip Care with Cocoa Butter SPF 20- 90% natural ingredients, which offers intense deep moisturization and maintains the elasticity of lips.

Lip Care with Chamomile  SPF 15- 91% natural ingredients for softening and soothing action and deep moisturization.

So, who said that men do not need special treatment?  In fact, the exact opposite! Show them the way, and they will thank you for a lifetime!

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