Mium Lab – Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

Combine pleasure and health

Discover a new generation of vitamins and food supplements.
Scientifically developed formulas based on plants and vitamins in the form of delicious, naturally fruity gummies. No more bland, chemical capsules and tablets!

The quality of our formulas

  • High-quality active ingredients
  • Driven by innovation, we were the first laboratory in France to develop sugar-free gummies.
  • We are experts in the micro-encapsulation technique, which enables us to protect certain active ingredients from oxidation and temperature to guarantee total stability of our formulas.
  • Formulas concentrated in active ingredients
  • Convinced that the quality of our formulas is essential, we select the best ingredients, ensuring that each active ingredient is present in optimal quantities.
  • By using concentrated plant extracts, we are able to create formulas that are more effective in terms of the concentration of active ingredients, while reducing the quantity of ingredients needed.
  • Products with scientifically proven efficacy
  • We invest in research and development to constantly improve our formulas.
  • We carry out rigorous tests and clinical studies to assess the effectiveness of our food supplements, such as those on hair strength, growth, and nail strength.

A rigorous manufacturing process

Specialists in gummy galenics for over 4 years, we have over the years created a unique manufacturing process based on rigorous ageing and stability tests, which guarantee the quality and efficacy of our products before and after production, as well as throughout their shelf life.

We have also developed a cold-incorporation technique for certain active ingredients that are highly sensitive to heat, guaranteeing their stability and effectiveness.

The power of observance

“An above-average re-purchase rate: almost 60% of our customers re-purchase”.

In order to offer a pleasant sensory experience, while respecting our quality standards: we have set up a rigorous selection of natural flavours, backed up by in-depth sensory analysis tests.

Made in France | Scientifically proven effectiveness | Developed by pharmacists | Sugar free | 100% recyclable packaging | Vegan certified