New MINI BEES Kids care range

New MINI BEES Kids care range

What could be more important than safeguarding the future health of our children’s skin? If this is something a kids’ care line can offer, doesn’t this make it even more precious?

In fall 2022, APIVITA is taking another important step to pollinate the future generation: it presents the brand-new MINI BEES Kids care range, suitable for kids from 2 years old, aiming to offer them the most safe and natural delight during one of their favorite activities, the bath time.

The new APIVITA MINI BEES range, focusing on safety and «cleanness», was specially designed to cover every need of the kids’ skin, offering purity, tenderness and practicality to parents and kids.

Even milder cleansers and & soothing agents, increased emollient properties, as well as a careful selection of new ingredients along with playful perfumes constitute the perfect amalgam for a fun filled and relaxing bath time. Bonus element: a renewed, attractive design with the new bee hero and with modern motives, in a 500ml eco pack packaging with a pump, that will definitely win both kids and parents!


The new MINI BEES Kids’ range is based on 2 pillars of development, the unique Naturality and the Purity the new products.


NATURALITY: With carefully selected active ingredients and total respect even for the most sensitive kids’ skin

Natural prebiotics: The natural prebiotic mix, extracted from chicory root, makes the skin microbiota and the skin itself more resistant.

The prebiotic used in the MINI BEES Kid’s range is scientifically proven that it protects, reinforces and balances the kids’ skin microbiota, while purifying the skin from unwanted microorganisms and maintaining the skin microbiota barrier.


Hammamelis infusion: It exhibits soothing and antioxidant properties: in vitro studies have proven that our hamamelis extract protects the skin’s microbiome, soothes the skin by preventing from inflammations, boosts moisturization by preventing from dehydration of the epidermal barrier, while at the same time increasing cell viability.


Mild Surfactants: A blend of very mild, natural, high-performance surfactants with a lipid layer enhancer additive. A unique and innovative blend of cleansing agents which offer superior foaming characteristics, compared to other sulfate-free surfactants and extremely mild to both eyes and skin. They are naturally derived from renewable sources (bio-based) and readily biodegradable, formulated without sulfates.



Thyme honey:  a true symbol of softness, hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin to provide suppleness and elasticity. Its soothing properties also alleviate skin redness and irritation in delicate areas thus providing comfort to kids & baby’s skin.



PURITY: aligned with APIVITA’s “clean” beauty approach

With a High Safety Profile: Dermatologically tested, ophthalmologically tested, Pediatrician tested, hypoallergenic, gluten free.

Clean and Biodegradable formulas: With up to 99% ingredients of natural origin, συστατικά φυσικής προέλευσης. Free of Phenoxyethanol/ SLES/ Paraben / Soap/ Propylene Glycol/ Silicone/ Colorants/ Ethanolamines/ Phthalates/PCM/NM/ EDTA/ Gluten/ 26 allergens according to EU Regulation 1223/2009, Annex III


New perfumes without allergens: A selection of playful, fresher, unisex perfumes following a more sophisticated, out of the box olfactive profile. Based on their synthesis, perfumes also embrace all our clean beauty ingredient rules.


«Responsible» Packaging:

Bottle 500ml: 50% recycled, 100% recyclable

Tube 150ml: 30% recycled, 100% recyclable

Lid: 100% recyclable

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