HYDRATION AND FRESHNESS: AQUA BEELICIOUS Oil-Free Hydrating Gel-cream Light Texture + GIFT AQUA BEELICIOUS Refreshing Hydrating Βooster in a special size.

A unique gift set for you or your loved ones. Boost your beauty and get long lasting hydration by following a complete daily skincare routine that includes:
  • AQUA BEELICIOYS Oil-Free Hydrating Gel-cream Light Texture with flowers & honey (40ml):  Replenishes skin moisture, rebalances skin oiliness, offering instant & long-lasting hydration and a refreshing boost. Ideal make-up base
  • AQUA BEELICIOUS Refreshing Hydrating Booster with with flowers & honey (10ml): Multi-purpose booster offers a burst of long-lasting hydration and freshness, providing a healthier and more balanced skin. Ideal make-up base.

APIVITA supports the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. The box is made of FSC certified paper.