REJUVENATING MONTHLY ROUTINE: Express Face Scrub Apricot + Express Face Mask Pink Clay + Grape + Express Eye Mask Grape + GIFT Express Face Mask Royal Jelly.

Find your favorite Express masks with ingredients inspired from the Mediterranean diet, in a convenient prepacked set that covers your monthly masks & scrubs needs for face and eyes. The perfect rejuvenating routine to prevent premature aging.
The set contains:
  • Express Face Mask Royal Jelly for Firming & Revitalizing (2x8ml): Reveals an instant lifting effect, enhances skin firmness & provides vital nutrition to the skin
  • Express Face Scrub Apricot for Gentle Exfoliation (2x8ml): Removes dead skin cells, smoothes skin irregularities & freshens up the look of skin
  • Express Face Mask Pink Clay for Gentle Cleansing (2x8ml): Removes impurities, gently cleanses and minimizes pores while softening and brightening the complexion
  • Express Face Mask Grape for Line Smoothing & Firming (2x8ml): Smooths fine lines, enhances skin elasticity & revitalizes mature skin
  • Express Eye Mask Grape for Line Smoothing (2x2ml): Smooths fine lines around the eyes, reduces dark circles and puffiness & reveals a more youthful appearance
APIVITA supports the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. The paper box that contains the masks is FSC certified.