Purifying gel 200ml + Fig Shower Gel 300ml SPECIAL PRICE


SPECIAL PRICE Cleansing Gel for Oily / Combination Skin 200ml & Refreshing fig – Shower Gel with Essential Oils

Cleansing Gel for Oily / Combination Skin 200ml

Tonic lotion rich in antiseptic ingredients that don’t dehydrate. Helps in sebum control while maintaining skin fresh, healthy and with a matte look.

Citrus extract provides an astringent and antiseptic effect that tones and refreshes skin.
Propolis offers mild antiseptic action and antioxidant protection, while it moderates oiliness.

Cool shower gel with essential oils, inspired by the principles of aromatherapy, which gently cleanses the skin without dehydrating it and at the same time preserves the natural moisture of the skin. Lively scent offering a sense of freshness, suitable for men and women.


Refreshing fig – Shower Gel with Essential Oils

  • Saponaria and mild cleansing agents gently cleanse the skin and preserve its natural moisture.
  • The fig extract is rich in sugars, flavonoids and vitamins and provides moisturizing and soothing.
  • The propolis extract has a mild antiseptic effect.
  • The organic bio-active aloe and the honey extract moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.
  • The organic witch hazel infusion, that has replaced water in the formula, provides protection against anti-oxidative stress.
  • With organic lavender & geranium essential oils which offer a unique sense of revitalization and help against stress.


Organic lime, lemon, tea tree and juniper essential oils revitalize, detoxify, regulate oiliness, fight acne and give a matte look.
Orange, tangerine and thyme essential oils give a sense of freshness.
Suitable for oily/combination skin.
APIVITA has replaced water with organic green tea infusion for its potent antioxidant action.




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