Wrinkle & Firmness Lift Day Cream SPF30 – Dark Spots Lightening with Santorini vine polyphenols 40ml

Wrinkle & Firmness Lift Day Cream SPF30 – Dark Spots Lightening with Santorini vine polyphenols 40ml


89% natural origin

Sun protection–– Dark spots – Wrinkles – Firmness – Lifted contours


This lightweight day cream reduces the appearance of dark spots while offering sun protection. Based on the science of epigenetics and thanks to polyphenols, the powerful antiaging molecules from Santorini vine leaves, it reactivates skin youth in the most effective way.

  • Protects against UVB and UVA (PA+++) radiation with natural and organic filters
  • Prevents and reduces the appearance of dark spots caused by the sun or age-related factors with licorice-based complex
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and reveals a firmer looking skin and lifted contours thanks to Santorini vine polyphenols
  • It enhances the density and the elasticity of the skin with mastic
  • It protects from oxidative stress and external factors (pollution, smoke) with patented propolis extract
  • It moisturizes with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, olive oil and grape seed oil

Water in this composition has been replaced by an antioxidant infusion of three vine varieties of Santorini (Athiri, Aidani and Assyrtiko) with anti-aging action.

Suitable for all skin types


Results of clinical study*

  • 80% of women noticed visible reduction of dark spots
  • 73% of women noticed a more even complexion
  • 87% of women saw visible improvement on their skin in terms of radiance

*Self-evaluation, clinical study of 30 women aged 35-50. Use of WINE ELIXIR day cream SPF30 and night cream for 28 days.

Apply daily to cleansed skin, on the face and neck, with gentle circular movements avoiding the area around the eyes.

For even better results, complete your daily routine with WINE ELIXIR night cream.

For external use only.

WINE ELIXIR Wrinkle & Firmness Lift day cream has a rich composition of 89% natural origin ingredients.

*Santorini vine polyphenols *Parabens
*Patented propolis extract1 *Silicone
*Liquorice-based complex *Mineral oil
*Mastic *Propylene glycol
*Panthenol, Vitamin Ε *Butylene glycol
*Copper & amino-acid complex *Ethanolamine
*Hyaluronic acid *Phenoxyethanol
*Grape seed oil* *Phthalates
*Olive oil* *PCM
*Shea butter* *NM
*Neroli, patchouli, clary sage and rose essential oils*
*Infusion from three Santorini vine varieties

*from certified organic cultivations
1 GR 1007520

Liquorice-based complex: Naturally derived anti-spot complex with licorice, althea and rice.  Prevents and reduces the appearance of dark spots, by regulating effectively pigmentation disorders caused by the sun or age-related factors.

Santorini vines polyphenols: The one-of-a-kind, dry, self-rooted vines of Santorini are cultivated rounded-up, in the shape of “kouloura” for protection against the difficult climate conditions of the island (strong winds, dryness and sandy volcanic land) and have thus developed strong resistance by producing very effective molecules – polyphenols – in large quantities. From the leaves of three varieties (Athiri, Aidani and Assyrtiko), rich in polyphenols, APIVITA created a super powerful anti-aging extract that reactivates skin youth.

Epigenetics science: Epigenetic science is the most contemporary and precise method focusing on the study of skin genes, proving that aging is a process not only defined by our DNA, but also by external factors. The biochemical APIVITA lab proved, through very innovative research, that the, rich in polyphenols, extract from Santorini vines activates important youth proteins of the skin (sirtuins and NRF2/KEAP1) related to its regeneration, detoxification and antioxidant defense.

Patented propolis extract:

For the first time, the drastic elements of propolis are enclosed in cyclodextrin in order to achieve the maximum and stable concentration of the flavonoids and polyphenols it contains into the end product. With its effectiveness proved by 8 clinical studies, this potent antioxidant and anti-aging extract limits significantly the impact of free radicals, increases the vitality of skin and enhances the generation of collagen and elastin. APIVITA has received an Innovation Award for the patent of propolis extraction against premature aging (patent number: 1007520).

Natural infusion base – Infusion from 3 vine varieties of Santorini:

Water constitutes about 70% of a cosmetic product. At APIVITA, we are replacing water with plant infusions so that every product can be rich, from its base, in antioxidant and other active elements that enhance its effectiveness. For the infusion of the WINE ELIXIR range, we selected three different vine varieties from Santorini (Athiri, Aidani and Assyrtiko) in order to enhance the antioxidant and anti-aging effect of the product.

APIVITA’s characteristic plastic bottle consists of 50% recycled plastic (PCR-PET) and can be recycled again. After use, and after removing the pump, place the bottle in a recycle bin By participating in recycling actions, help APIVITA to protect natural resources and the environment.

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Weight 40 g
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