Nature’s Hair Miracle 50ml


100% natural ingredients

Maintains the balance of the scalp flora ̶ Nourishes and strengthens hair root


  • Nature’ s Hair Miracle is the first step in the APIVITA holistic Hair Care system (pre-shampoo).

    • Tones the scalp and stimulates microcirculation*, stimulating hair growth with lavender, lemon, cumin, rosemary and black pepper essential oils.
    • Maintains the balance of the scalp’s flora with a especially processed antimicrobial propolis extract.
    • Nourishes and strengthens the roots with vitamin E and safflower, olive, black cumin and grape organic oils.
    • Leaves hair soft and light, while essential oils uplift the spirit and impart a strong sense of revitalization.


    *A slight sense of hyperemia is normal due to essential oils.

Use it 1-2 times per week, before shampooing.

  1. Comb your hair backwards making parts.
  2. Fill the pipette.
  3. Apply to the roots (mainly on the top of the head) by making 3-5 parts depending on hair density, pulling the pipette backwards.
  4. Massage gently in circular motions, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then shampoo.

Strengthening and tonic Nature’s Miracle Oil. A rich formulation with 100% natural ingredients.

*Propolis extract with antimicrobial properties *Parabens
*Safflower* oil *Silicones
*Olive* oil *Mineral oil
*Black cumin* oil *Alcohol
*Grape* seed oil *Propylene glycol
*Vitamin E *Ethanolamines
*Lavender*, lemon*, wild cumin*, rosemary* & black pepper essential oils *Phenoxyethanol
*Beeswax absolute *Phthalates

*From certified organic cultivation

Organic propolis extract

New organic propolis extract with proven antimicrobial activity against pathogenic microorganisms related to hair and skin diseases.

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