Vassia Kostara & APIVITA collaborate for the BEE SUN SAFE line

Vassia Kostara & APIVITA collaborate for the BEE SUN SAFE line

APIVITA x VASSIA KOSTARA Limited Collections

Starting a very creative year, APIVITA announced for 2022 a very special cooperation with the Greek fashion designer Vassia Kostara, who will also be one of APIVITA’s Brand Ambassadors for 2022.

The designer uses her unique talent and amazing aesthetics and is inspired from the principles and the philosophy of APIVITA, from the life of the bee and the Greek nature, as well as from the colors of the BEE SUN SAFE line, to design the most impressive summer pouches exclusively for APIVITA.

The famous designer is an example of inspiration, female entrepreneurship, and dynamism, combining her love for fashion, for the environment and for Greece in each of her creative projects.

Dedicated and creative, with a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics, she worked for almost a decade in the corporate world.  At the age of 28, she decided to create her own company in order to combine her artistic talents with business. It is through her passion for travelling that Vassia gains her inspiration for every collection, drawing on these experiences when creating her own prints. Each piece is handmade individually in Greece, paying careful attention to detail.  Her goal is for women to always feel unique and empowered.

Her moto: “For me the first part of every collection is finding the inspiration to create something unique that speaks from my heart. Creating pieces that will bring be happiness and fulfilment.


The APIVITA x Vassia Kostara pouches are available in two beautiful patterns and their external material is made from 100% recycled bottles.

They can be purchased as part of the following promo combinations of BEE SUN SAFE face products:

GIFT TRAVEL SIZE 100ML AFTER SUN along with the limited-edition pouch by APIVITA x Vassia Kostara


For us at APIVITA, this cooperation is a great honor and joy, because, above all, we share with the designer a common vision: the inspiration from nature, the love and sensitivity for the environment, the rich philanthropic work, the use of ecological material, and above all, the admiration for the woman and her many different versions, having as role models the remarkable, real women with natural internal and external beauty.

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